Julie White

Hi! I'm excited that you've stopped by to find out me. My husband, Justy, and I are originally from New Orleans, LA. We own a destination wedding business in Destin, FL.Justy and I have 2 amazing children, Josh and Jenna. My 2 most absolute favorite fun things to do are going to Disney World with my family and seeing the lives of women completely healed and set free by the love of God. This is my story. Growing up in church, I valued having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was my senior year in high school when I first had the desire to be in ministry. I didn't know how to process that desire so I became an Occupational Therapy Assistant instead and I continued to SERVE in church just as I had always done. Back then I didn't know that the greek definition for minister is servant. So, my ministry training actually began as a preteen in a church youth group. Since then I have served in just about every area in the church. Fast Forward about 20 years to when The Princess Perspective was conceived with a simple prayer. One day I got real with myself and with Jesus. I asked him, "What am I missing?". There had to be more than just occasional glimpses of his love. You Know, Daddy God really likes to answer those kinds of questions, and He did. So, what was I missing? Well, only 1/2 of the gospel. The better have at that. You see I spent my life passionately loving God. I just didn't know that He passionately loved me. My paradigm shifted from performance based love that is dependent on works, to abiding love that is founded on the goodness of God. Father God allowed me to see myself through His eyes: cherished and as precious as gold. Through several encounters with God I was commissioned to provide a place, and an opportunity for ladies like yourself, to encounter the love of the Father like I did and discover how He sees you.  I hope that you connect with us. I look forward to meeting you soon.